The TEMTT Story

The English Major Takes Tech was conceived by founder, Briana Franklin, with one central goal in mind: using her talents to help others. She began receiving the formative tools to create this brand shortly following the completion of her first year in undergrad. After a dismal academic performance and realizing a major in government wasn’t the right fit, she took stock of what direction she wanted to go in for the remainder of her collegiate career, and only one choice made sense: English literature. For reassurance, she got honest with herself, quite literally asking, “What [am I] good at?” and within seconds, came up with the following:  

  1. Correcting grammar mistakes 
  2. Speaking/learning languages 
  3. Making people laugh 
  4. Being creative 
  5. Writing 

For the longest, this list terrified her, causing her to feel as though she’d been dealt an unfair hand. But after graduating and getting well acquainted with the real world, she quickly gained an appreciation for each of those skills and decided that it was time to change her outlook and do something with them in a meaningful way. 

A golden opportunity presented itself when Briana witnessed through her work experiences and daily consumption of technology news sources and other media the need for clearer, stronger writing and increased emphasis on communication skills. 

Through trial and error [after error after error], The English Major Takes Tech was developed as a means to not only address the aforementioned issues, but create a new trajectory for words and tech to become harmoniously intertwined.