At TEMTT, excellence isn't just a mantra—it's a mandate, which is why we prize capability, passion and professionalism as key attributes among our team.

here's who we are


Briana B. Franklin, Founder

  • In short: Writer of all trades with  a  love  of  problem  solving  and  gap  bridging
  • Education/Training:
    • Dartmouth College, B.A. English Literature
    • Udemy, Digital Marketing Certification
  • Experience: Prior to founding TEMTT, Briana launched her career as a contractor with various name-brand organizations, including: Boston Consulting Group, Chick-fil-A, Carter’s & more!
  • Interests (outside of writing/tech):
    • Health/wellness/fitness
    • Sustainability
    • Curtailing the $1.5T student loan epidemic
  • Here's a fun tidbit: Got kicked off the set of SNL during a trip for my 16th birthday